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Interview with DJ Antoine

MARK VAN HUISSELING meets…  «DJ Antoine» Konrad  Successful and a fine guy – could the music producer also relaunch himself as sympathetic and cool? Have you already produced the summer hit 2014?» – «Today it has come out – ‹light it Up›.» (The conversation took place last Friday evening at the «Angels Bar» of the […]

Interview with Jean-Claude Biver

MARK VAN HUISSELING about… Jean-Claude Biver; Arguably currently the most successful boss in the Swiss watch industry is publishing a book about his life. He describes himself as a hippie, and his drive is love. On a Friday afternoon last August, David Guetta and Martin Garrix sat next to Jean-Claude Biver by the pool of a finca […]

Interview with Tony Prince

MARK VAN HUISSELING meets… When hearing «radio pirate and businessman» you think of someone else – at least we do. I almost had to postpone our appointment because I come from Ibiza and the plane was late…» – «Were you in Ibiza? My son lives there.» – «… to my knowledge you yourself are often […]


Interview with Tommy Hilfiger

MARK VAN HUISSELING meets… TOMMY HILFIGER «The book about your past life that you published [with Peter Knobler, a former journalist], is a very open, honest book. Why?» – «I think, when doing something like that, one should do it properly. I have nothing to hide. And if some people don’t like it, they may […]

Interview with Donald Trump

  MARK VAN HUISSELING about… DONALD TRUMP My colleagues liked the idea and i got the job to do a one-on-one-interview with him. A few years ago I was marginally involved in the development of a newspaper that should be about New York (the principal was Dietrich Mateschitz, the majority owner of Red Bull). Anyway, […]

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Interview with Karl Lagerfeld

MARK VAN HUISSELING meets… KARL LAGERFELD; a short conversation with a great informant (under difficult circumstances). If it was the year 2004 and I would have interviewed the fashion designer and photographer for this column back then, I would have had a field day – would have described, how he came with delay to the […]